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Education and training business? Fill seats with bartercard opportunities

The product you offer may be diverse within this industry but your primary focus is on delivering value to paying clients and filling each available space. You’ve probably considered several options to grow your business like offering early bird pricing, group discounts or other specials as an incentive to find new clients and encourage bookings. Alternatively, you could consider developing strategies that allow you to fill your unproductive times and unsold seats at full value and grow your word of mouth referrals.

Bartercard has been partnering with education and training businesses helping them to fill vacancies with loyal clients. By tapping into Bartercard’s network of business owners, they have been able to break into new markets, grow their referrals and conserve cash by paying for printing, promotions, office equipment and other regular expenses using the Bartercard trade rands earned.

So if you are looking to improve your cashflow and profits by

  • Filling downtime and unproductive hours or seats with clients at full value
  • Saving cash on regular business expenses
  • Saving cash on marketing and advertising expenses

and if you would like..

  • Free local and national promotion
  • Access to a new database of clients
  • Increased customers through word of mouth referrals

Then you need to call Bartercard today on +21 11 083 7177 or CLICK HERE to contact us