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Conserve cash by paying for printing, vehicle maintenance & other regular business and lifestyle expenses

You’ve probably considered several options to grow your business, maybe including specials or discounts as an incentive to find new clients. Alternatively you could consider developing strategies that allow you to fill your unproductive times at full value and grow your word of mouth referrals.

For years, Bartercard has been partnering with home service businesses like yours, helping fill downtime with loyal clients and giving access to a new customer base to promote your business. You can conserve cash by paying for printing, equipment, vehicle maintenance and other regular business and lifestyle expenses using the trade rands earned. This then allows for cash savings within the business, which improves profits.

So if you are looking to improve your cashflow and profits by

  • Filling downtime and unproductive hours with clients at full value
  • Saving cash on regular business expenses
  • Saving cash on promotional and advertising expenses

and if you would like..

  • Free local and national promotion
  • Access to direct mail databases for targeted customer segments
  • Increased customers through word of mouth referrals

Then you need to call Bartercard today on +21 11 083 7177 or CLICK HERE to contact us