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Move stock and turn unproductive time / stock into Trade Rands

Manufacturing and printing businesses have turned to Bartercard to fill their machine’s downtime and move their idle stock. Rather than turn their machines off or discount their prices, which results in reduced profits and brand value, they’ve discovered how to get the edge by using Bartercard’s simple trading system of turning unproductive time and/or stock into Trade Rands that they are then using to reduce their cash expenses.

So if you are looking to improve your cashflow and profits by

  • Saving cash on packaging and transport expenses
  • Saving cash on promotional and advertising expenses
  • Saving cash on accounting and legal expenses

and if you would like..

  • Filling downtime on machines and staff
  • Moving idle stock from failed orders
  • Launching new product lines
  • Build new relationships with wholesalers or retailers

Then you need to call Bartercard today on +21 11 083 7177 or CLICK HERE to contact us