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Property sitting on the market for too long?

Rather than have their properties sit on the market for months, keeping money tied up, making interest payments and being unable to move on to new projects, builders and developers have been desperately searching for an edge that will get their properties sold fast, without having to discount, so they can maintain their profit margins.

Bartercard has been working with builders and developers using simple strategies that get their properties sold without having to price cut. They’ve tapped into a network of like-minded business people and have structured the sales to accept a percentage of the overall price in Bartercard trade Rands.

So if you are looking to improve your cashflow and profits by

  • Gaining more pre-sales
  • Selling your properties faster without having to price cut
  • Reducing your holding costs

and if you would like..

  • To save cash by offsetting some of your business and building expenses

Then you need to call Bartercard today on +21 11 083 7177 or CLICK HERE to contact us