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Move idle or end of line stock

Do you have excess or idle stock or do your sales depend on seasonal trends? All retailers have to regularly use their experience and judgement whenever they’re buying stock to re-sell. We all know that on occasions the trends may change, new models will arrive and, despite our best efforts, we get left with stock we can’t sell. This leaves us with the tough choice of heavily discounting the stock to get it sold or let it sit idle, hoping that someone will eventually come in and buy it.

For over 23 years, savvy retailers have been turning to Bartercard to help shift their excess or idle stock at full retail value. In a cut-throat industry they’ve been searching for an edge over their competition. They’re not prepared to sit on the extra stock tying up their valuable cash or resort to heavy discounting, which devalues their brand. Instead, they’ve tapped into a community of Bartercard customers within the Bartercard network to convert this excess stock into Trade Rands that they’re then using to offset against their cash business expenses.

So if you are looking to improve your cashflow and profits by

  • Save cash on in store promotions and advertising
  • Save cash on uniforms and other staff expenses
  • Save cash on everyday business expenses like accounting and legal services

and if you would like..

  • Move your idle or end of line stock at full retail value
  • Avoid discounting price wars with your direct competition
  • Access a new customer base to promote your business

Then you need to call Bartercard today on +21 11 083 7177 or CLICK HERE to contact us